Foster Homes Need Support

When you enter the world of fostering you may encounter new experiences or ones you were not prepared for. Your Pathways Support Team will provide skilled guidance and direction throughout your fostering journey.

Caring for children with complex needs while navigating a complicated system can become demanding. Your Pathways Support team actively works with you, and your family, by providing information and/or assistance.

Careful Matching and Intake Support

Upon intake, the needs of the child/youth are carefully matched to the training and skills of the foster home. The foster parent will always make the final determination on whether to accept a placement or not. Upon the placement of a child, the agency will make contact within 24-hours followed by a visit to your home by your designated Foster Care Support Worker.

Home Visits

The Foster Care Support Worker is responsible to visit your home each month and will provide support, guidance and accountability to meet your expectations. Your support worker will attend the professional’s meetings you are asked to attend. This includes support when the Residential Licensing Unit visits your home.


Support workers will advocate on behalf of your family and the children placed in your home. There are many vested professionals involved in the welfare of a child and often a foster parent represents the voice of a child who cannot speak on their own behalf. Your Foster Care Support Worker will help you navigate through these processes and link you to the appropriate community resources.

On-Going Support

A Foster Care Support Worker is assigned to your family and is available if special concerns are identified. As your liaison to the broader service team, they will initiate and facilitate contact with stakeholders who are directly involved in the well-being of the child/youth. Regular visits to your home are conducted to provide support, guidance and direction. Meeting caregiving expectations can be demanding and your support team monitors and updates you on the mandatory requirements.


Pathways Support Team offers on-going support throughout an assessment/investigation, along with access to training and resources focused on preventing allegations.