Who We Are

The Pathways Family Services Home Assessment Program has been complementing the Foster Care program since 2008. Upholding our mission to provide safety, stability and family belonging conducting an evaluation on prospective parents and guardians is an important first step.

What We Do

Working in partnership with the Government of Alberta and Community Stakeholders, the program will conduct an evaluation on applicants who are required to have a Home Study Report (HSR). The HSR will provide a recommendation on the applicant family’s willingness, readiness, and ability to effectively parent. Pathways follows the provincially sanctioned home study model, Structured Analysis Family Evaluation (SAFE) from the Consortium for Children but can adapt to any specific jurisdictional needs.

Our Services

Pathways is proficient in completing timely, well written reports and are able to adapt to the unique needs of the applicant family and referral source including cultural and spiritual sensitivity.

Types of Service

  • Home Study Report
  • Addendum to Home Study Report
  • Mitigation Services for SAFE trained practitioners
  • Consultation Services
  • Documentation collection

Virtual services such as Skype and Zoom are available for those who are remotely located.

Additional Reports

Pathways has practitioners who can travel throughout the country to complete the following types of reports:

  • Private Guardianship
  • Foster Care
  • Foster to Adopt
  • Kinship Care
  • Adoption
  • Child Specific Adoption
  • Custody

Staffing Complement

The program’s current staffing complement consists of:

  • 35 Home Study Practitioners
  • Program Manager (SAFE trained)
  • File Supervisor/Mitigation Specialist (2 SAFE trained)
  • Program Coordinator providing; coordination of intakes, monitoring, accounting (2)

Our History

We have had the opportunity to work with over 1200 families in Alberta completing more than 1500 Home Study Reports. Pathways is actively involved in several Community of Practice sectors and we maintain an open and direct link with The Consortium for Children.